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GPS Tracking

 We have in inventory, a readily supply of GPS tracking devices. After literally hundreds of applications, our agency has never had a single unit discovered. 
These devices are small and  unnoticeable. Our  investigators are talented and well trained on discreetly placing the tracking unit on the target vehicle. Once deployed the tracking unit lets all investigators know the precise location of our target.

Our GPS tracking units are military spec and provide us with locations every ten seconds within 50 feet anywhere in the United States. As an example, if a Target vehicle was parked at a huge shopping mall, not only will our device tell us the location of the mall, but also the exact parking space. Our units are self contained, meaning no hard wiring or lengthy installation.

Battery life can last weeks.The units can literally be taken on and off a vehicle in a matter of seconds. Our units have aided clients in locating and catching cheaters,Wanted persons,criminals, runaways, teenage drivers, stolen equipment and have also been a great alternative to keep tabs on elderly loved ones with medical disabilities. 

The GPS tracking devices are stealth and allows the investigator to follow the target from miles behind. In many cases clients have used the tracking devices to simply log the time and locations of persons, without having the expense of having them followed. Our devices keep a computerized log history of every location, every minute of every day. Our targets never get the chance to see us in their rear view mirror.