Our agency is well trained and experienced in dealing with Child Custody issues. We are often retained to check the safety and wellbeing of children. On many occasions, we have uncovered and exposed child neglect, endangerment and violations of court orders. We have seen many times, the Department of Social Services fail to get involved because of case over loads, being understaffed or lack of interest.We take child cases serious and present our findings to our clients. The results of our investigations are often presented before a court, to law enforcement and the Department of Social Services. If you have a situation where you believe an injustice or court ordered violations are occurring, call us for a free and confidential consultation. DC INVESTIGATIONS was directly involved in exposing a Department of Social Services cover up, after the death of little girl. Our investigation, which made national headlines, led to the arrest and dismissal of multiple DSS employees as well as the arrest of the child abuser. We certainly know first hand the frustration that comes with feeling or knowing that a child is in danger, yet nobody will listen.